Top 25 Tools for Social Media Marketing for 2021

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When you enter into the world of marketing on social media marketing, you have to take care of a lot of things. Social media is an important part of Digital Marketing.

Importance of Social media marketing tools

Social media marketing involves the content generation, graphic designing, handling the data statistics in a presentable manner, video production, and lots of such activities.

It becomes difficult for a non-designer to find a perfect tool to make a poster. Experimenting with more tools kills time and reduces productivity.

So, I have created a list of top social media marketing tools used for designing posters, banners, infographics, introductory videos, etc.

They will make the management of social media campaigns easy. The list will also help you in delivering the best output on time.

I have divided the list into several parts. You can directly check the list of your use and use them. The division is as follows:

  1. Top 5 blogging websites
  2. Top 5 designing tools
  3. Top 5 stock images websites
  4. Top 5 infographics tools
  5. Top 5 video editing tools

Top 5 Blogging Websites

Using blogs, you can be as much descriptive as you want. You can share product details, usage, features, testimonials, etc. The websites and blogs establish an online location for your product and increase the authority of your product or service on social media marketing channels.

what are social media blogs in 2020? top 5 social media blog sites. medium blog. wordpress. joomla. blogger. free blogging sites
best social media blogging websites


Medium is kind of a social media for blogs. Medium recommends the best blogs to its readers. So, using Medium you can divert your traffic to your website. It should be part of your digital marketing campaigns.



1. Free Publishing
Medium is easy to use and publish free of cost. Publish your blogs and share wit with everybody.
2. Paid Publishing
Publish your content to custom domain, monetize it and explore additional features.

WordPress is the most sought after blogging platform. Using WordPress you can host your website easily and share your opinions about your products and services. 



FreeWordPress subdomain
Personal₹200*/month – Best for Personal Use
Premium₹350*/month – Best for Freelancers
Business₹800*/month – Best for Small Businesses
E-commerce₹1440*/month – Best for Online Stores
*all prices are billed annually

Backed by Google, Blogger is a free platform to host various types of blogs such as Travel Blogs, Cooking blogs, Beauty Tips blogs, and many other niches.

You will get a free domain when you register there. If you want to step up, you can buy a domain and start your website.



FreeYou get a free domain. but buying a custom domain costs money. is the sister company of It covers all the limitations of and provides everything handy for use. Many companies are running their website backed by 



Freemium ModelInstalling a WordPress content management system (CMS) cost no money. But adding different themes, plugins require certain amount of investment.

Content management is an important part of social media blogs. Joomla serves the purpose of that. Joomla is an open-source and free content management system for publishing online web content.



Being open source, Joomla is free. But if you want to access Joomla extensions, here’s what it gonna cost:

For 1 Joomla Site
For 5 Joomla Sites
Also provide Developer Support
For unlimited Joomla Sites
Above features plus 3rd level client support

Top 5 Graphic Designing Tools

Websites and social media handles need a lot of images, graphics, etc. You have to take care of the proper dimensions of the posts, color schemes, proper image choice, formatting pictures, and a lot more.

Either you hire a designer or you can get a tool that can help. So, have a look at some of the best professional and handy designing tools.

best graphic design tools 2020. top social media graphic tools 2020. what tools to use for design? photoshop, canva, adobe spark, snappa, postermywall
best graphic design tools for social media

Adobe Photoshop



Photography Plan: ₹ 676/month
Adobe Photoshop Single App: ₹1420/month
All Apps: ₹3580/month
Student and Teachers: ₹1353/month

It is the most used and most trusted apps for almost every kind of graphic design. You can design very high-quality graphics using Adobe Photoshop. It is for professionals. Beginners have to first learn and then they can use it.




Free – for individuals and quick project groups
Pro: ₹760*/month – for individuals and small teams who need more customization and productivity.
Enterprise: ₹2300*/month – for larger teams who need advanced brand and collaboration control.
*[all prices are billed annually]

It is very difficult for a non-designer to create graphics for social media posts. Using Canva you can easily design good quality templates. There are many free templates available eg. Facebook Cover, Twitter Post, Twitter Cover, Banner, Postcard, Flyer, Instagram post, Instagram story, Youtube thumbnail, etc. You get 8,000+ free templates, 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more), and many free photos and graphics.

3. Adobe Spark

Create impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes



Starter Plan: FREE
Individual: ₹676/month – FREE first two months
Team: ₹1353/month

Adobe Spark comes into three versions, Spark Post – for social graphics, Spark Page – for images, and Spark Video – for short video making. The mobile apps are also available for each one of them. They produce good quality images.

What I don’t like is the Adobe Spark logo in the corner of the image. But overall it’s a good tool to make social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

4. Snappa

Create online graphics in a snap



Starter: FREE
Pro: ₹760*/month
Team: ₹1500*/month
*[all prices are billed annually]

Snappa contains ready to use presets for social media graphics. You can start designing in one click. Snappa has 3,000,000+ free, high-resolution, and not cheesy stock photos.

Snappa has a cool feature of the background image removal. You can directly share your designs with your social media channel through Snappa.

5. Postermywall

Create amazing Posters, Videos & Graphics For Your Business



Premium: ₹7600/year – Unlimited image downloads
Premium Plus: ₹25000/year – Unlimited video and image downloads

Using Postermywall you can make social media posts, promo videos for release, or any small ad video, etc. Postermywall has several inbuilt products that you can utilize to design with particular specifications.

Top 5 stock images websites

An image plays a vital role in a reader’s mind before he/she starts reading or getting involved in some post. For making effective social media post, you need the right set of images. Here are some good resources from where you can pick the best images in both free and paid formats.

1. Freepik

Graphic resources for everyone



Premium: ₹430/month billed annually

Freepik is a huge database of graphic resources. Many big companies use Freepik for designing purposes. You can get free vector files for your social media marketing posts.

2. Undraw Illustrations



Free and Open Source

Undraw is a simple and very useful open-source library for vector images and designs. Its working makes it easy to use and the images can also be used for commercial purposes.

where to get best vectors, stock images, stock photo in 2020. freepik, undraw, pixabay, flaticon, vectorstock. free vector images
best stock photo, vector illustration websites

3. Pixabay

Stunning free images & royalty-free stock



Free to use

Pixabay is a community of creatives, sharing copyright-free images and videos. they can be used by anyone without any prior permission or giving credits.

4. Flaticon

The largest database of free icons



Premium: ₹650/month billed annually

It is the part of Freepik and it is specified for illustrations, icons, and vector images. You can make your Instagram story more attractive using these small flat icons and thank me later.

5. Vectorstock

World’s Premier Vector-only Image Marketplace



Pay-per-image: ₹1150/image
Pre-paid Credits: ₹80/image
Subscription: ₹50/image

Vectorstock is a collection of images, illustrations, graphics. They are available in both free and paid formats. The speciality is that you have to pay based the type of usage you want from an image.

Top 5 infographics tools

Plain text and some stats in a tabular format are boring. Why not add some creative things to the data and make it easy to grasp and good looking. Using the following tools you can make high-quality infographics in less time


Create and share visual ideas into infographics



Student: ₹150*/month
Individual: ₹300*/month
Business: ₹380*/month
*[all prices are billed annually]

With you can create many types of infographics, add objects to it, and change backgrounds to your data. The dynamic charts are a great help in the pictorial display of the numbers.

2. Piktochart

Create Infographics, Presentations, and Flyers



Pro: ₹1800*/month
Pro Team: ₹6278*/month
*[all prices are billed annually]

Piktochart allows you to create professional infographics easily in no time. It is a powerful tool which can be used to create infographics, presentations, reports for the blogs, social network, and websites. Either you are a non-designer or a pro, you can work with it.

top best infographic tools in 2020, how to create infographics easily? fre infographic tools
best infographic maker tools in 2020

3. Venngage

Make Infographics That People Love



Premium: ₹1500/month
Business: ₹3750/month

Venngage is an infographic maker software which is used to make good quality infographics. Simply choose an infographic template and start adjusting it according to your needs and you have your designed data ready in minutes.

4. Infogram

Create engaging infographics and reports in minutes


Basic: FREE

Pro: ₹1500/month
Business: ₹5100/month
Team: ₹ 11500/month

Infogram is also one of the great tools to draw charts, diagrams for your blog or website. There are many free templates available that save the time of the user to make quick designs.

5. Visme

Create presentations, infographics, and visuals online.



Basic: Free
Standard: ₹1100*/month
Complete: ₹1900*/month

You can use Visme for branding and feature infographics making. There are also many templates from which you have to select and start designing on it. 

Top 5 video editing tools

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Download and buy the latest version from



Similar to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro is used to create high-quality videos. It is a very robust tool with a huge number of inbuilt features and has wide applications in the field of video making.

2. Filmora

Download and buy the latest version from



Filmora, by Wondershare, is a video editing software. You can use it to make tutorial videos, lecture videos, presentation recording, etc. It is a great tool for beginners.

make easy social media videos. best video editing tools. video creation tools.  adobe premiere pro, filmora wonder share, kinemaster, inshot. video making tools
best video editing tools for social media

3. Cyberlink Powerdirector

Download and buy the latest version from


7600/lifetime license

Powerdirector is a flexible video creator. Powerdirector can be used for making videos and slideshows for your presentation of social media or websites.

4. Kinemaster

Download from


Subscription: ₹380/month

Kine master is a popular mobile-based video editing software used for editing videos on mobile devices. You can make and edit Instagram videos, and short format videos using Kinemaster.

5. Inshot

Download from



Inshot comes with several features like trim, clip adds audio, add image, apply filters, etc. Inshot has the feature to remove its logo by watching an ad. In this way, you can use this paid feature for free.

[All the prices given here are approximate conversion of USD price. It may vary while actual purchase.]

This is a collection of some of the tools, websites, and software that I have used to handle my social media channels. I am active on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others. So I have gone through these tools many Ttimes. 

If you still have any tool which, you think, should be a part of this list, please drop a comment and tell me.

If you liked it, please check my other posts here.

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