Facebook → Meta: Everything you need to know

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 06:45 am

There are many memes going around Facebook Meta name change.

Everyone is talking about the Facebook Corporate name change.

Everyone is mad about FAANG, MAANG, MANGA, or whatever.

These are the things for short terms. They will get replaced by some other trend. 

But this update seems to change the face of social media in the longer run. Many other big players will show interest in launching something similar.

Here is a useful reshare of the Facebook post by Mari Smith. She is a Facebook marketing expert, who shares important updates related to the platform

What are the changes happening inside Facebook with the “META” launch?

Just to clear up any confusion, META is Facebook’s new *corporate* name. The names of the APPS that the company builds – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp – remain the same.

But, Meta will be retiring the Oculus brand starting early 2022. Oculus Quest will be Meta Quest and the Oculus App will be Meta Quest App.

Also, the Facebook Portal will be known as the Meta Portal.

Facebook Reality Labs will become just Reality Labs.

Updated Main Pages of Meta (aka Facebook)

Following are Meta’s (previously Facebook’s) main Facebook Pages:

Facebook rebrand meta. Facebook Name change updates
image: Mari Smith(Facebook post)

1. Facebook ➨ Meta

facebook.com/Facebook redirects to facebook.com/Meta

(facebook.com/MetaCanada & facebook.com/MetaAustralia also redirect to the new main @Meta Page, as do possibly others)

Instagram = @wearemeta

2. Facebook for Business ➨ Meta for Business

facebook.com/Marketing redirects to facebook.com/MetaforBusiness

Instagram = @metaforbusiness

3. Facebook for Creators ➨ Meta for Creators

facebook.com/FacebookforCreators redirects to facebook.com/MetaforCreators

Instagram = @creators (no change)

See also facebook.com/creators

4. Design at Facebook ➨ Design at Meta

facebook.com/design redirects to facebook.com/designatmeta

Instagram = @designatmeta

5. Facebook for Developers ➨ Meta for Developers

facebook.com/FacebookforDevelopers redirects to facebook.com/MetaforDevelopers

Instagram = @metafordevelopers

6. Facebook Engineering ➨ Engineering at Meta


7. Facebook Open Source ➨ Meta Open Source


All these Pages have a new Page name, username/URL, profile picture (Meta logo), and cover photo.

💥💥 facebook.com/facebookapp is still Facebook App! Remember, the Facebook app/platform itself is *not* changing its name. 💥💥

See also facebook.com/TechAtFacebook/

Have you spotted any other official Meta (previously Facebook) accounts/Pages?

Here is the main Facebook official announcement.

Welcome to Meta: Augmented Reality Ad
image: Google Ad Display

“Meta is helping to build the metaverse, a place where we’ll play and connect in 3D. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection. Learn more about Meta’s vision for the future of social connection and get ready for the metaverse at meta.com.👈🏻🔗

“Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution in social technology.”

FAQ’s related to Meta

Q1. What does the term Meta mean?

Adam Smith, from Independent, says:
‘Meta’ usually means something that refers to itself. TV shows such as Family Guy or Rick and Morty could be considered ‘meta’ because they acknowledge and refer to themselves as being television programs within the context of their own show. The book “If on a winter’s night a traveler” by Italo Calvino is an example of ‘metafiction’ because it describes a reader trying to read a book called ‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’ within its own narrative.

Q2. Why is Facebook changing its name?

As per Zuckerberg, “For us, that’s a story that started in a dorm room and grew beyond anything we could imagine into a family of apps that people use to find one another, to find their voice to start businesses and communities and movements that have changed the world.”
“Changing the company’s name was necessary to reflect the multiple services and platforms it owns, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, he explained.”

Q3. What is Metaverse? What does it consist of?

Facebook connected the people through the internet medium. Metaverse is the rebranding of Facebook to intertwine the social fabric through the latest technology like 3D models, Augmented reality and virtual reality, etc.
It includes VR-based workrooms, Augmented Reality Gaming, and Smart glasses, etc. 

Q4. Will Metaverse support NFT?

Metaverse has shown interest in crypto-based collectives, ie NFTs. They can be used to represent collectibles and avatars alike.
One Decrypt report says, “The metaverse won’t be one thing, but rather a conceptual collection of open worlds and settings joined by interoperable assets and experiences. Collectible NFT assets, for example, could be turned into 3D avatars that owners can bring into all sorts of web spaces, whether it’s for work, play, exercise, or social interactions.”

It’s been just a few days since its global launch and there’s a mixed reaction among the masses. Let’s see what Meta unpacks and what kind of attention it gets.


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