4 Things to Do on TikTok That Your Business May Be Forgetting

TikTok is where it’s at when it comes to high-growth social media. Naturally, you as a business would want your product or service to be amongst the various trends that the social media app facilitates. 

While you or perhaps an employee has taken the helm for creating the TikToks themselves, there are a few ideas that are worth keeping in mind that will help you capitalize on the giant user base of TikTok. Take a look: 

Interact With Other Users

With such a volume of content generators out there, it is a bad idea to forget to actually give on TikTok. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be on it all the time and dedicate your entire day to liking, commenting, and reposting everything that comes up on your For You Page.

What will do your business’s TikTok page a lot of good is spending half an hour to an hour regularly going through your feed and organically interacting with other users’ content. This means thinking of comments that add value to the post. 

If you have a funny or relevant comical comment to make, go for it! Equally, if you simply want to tell the other user that you love their content, do it! It’s a great way to get others interacting with you and your business page. 

Research Into Trends

If you’re a personal user of TikTok, you may be relatively aware of what is the hot topic. But knowing what’s trending currently in your industry can be a difficult thing to get. 

Many things have become trending on TikTok. From dances to politics, to old recycled content that has been around for years but is now experiencing a resurgence. 

Whatever the trend you’re considering dipping your toes into, please please please do your research into the context of it. Some topics become popular for the most bizarre reasons. 

For example, you’re in the takeaway food market. You specialize in a specific cuisine, such as exotic sandwiches. You notice that “fast food hacks” are trending on TikTok so you produce a few videos on the tips and tricks behind your sandwich production. 

While this may seem like you’re hopping on a trend, users are in fact wanting to know secret items to order on a fast food menu rather than how you speed up your sandwich making. Now the mildly interesting videos you’ve made no longer target the trend you’ve found.

This is why it is essential to research your topics before you go to producing content for them. Take some time to see what the range of videos for it is. What videos do the best? Who’s TikToks are getting the most engagement? What are they doing right? How long will this trend last and what Started it? This is the best way to make sure your Ad creative is going to perform the best. 

Make Use Of Specific Features

TikTok is a platform that is at the very apex of marketing and digital media. Therefore, it has kept pretty up-to-date with what tools will enable it to keep its dominance in the market. 

Duets are a fantastic way to interact with other users. For those who don’t know, this is when you record a second video parallel to a previously recorded video. This allows you to add value to the old TikTok and generate engagement along with the value added. 

Duets are so beneficial to your business because they can really bring your business account to life. The possibilities are endless. 

To create a TikTok Duet, follow the steps below: 

  • Find and watch a video 
  • Tap the Share button on the right of the video (this is only visible if the creator allows sharing) 
  • Tap Duet 
  • Record a clip by tapping the red Record button 
  • Edit it by adding effects 
  • Repeat steps 4 through 5 a few more times 
  • Tap the Next button 
  • Adjust your preferences, like whether it is private or public 
  • Tap Post to publish your Duet 

Keep An Eye On The Competition

There is such a range of businesses on TikTok, you’re likely not the first business in your industry to start creating content towards what you sell or create. 

That’s why it’s good to take a look at businesses you may be in competition with. Referring back to the takeaway sandwiches example, this could be any other business that also serves food for takeaway, has an exotic menu, or makes sandwiches. 

Once you’ve found a few other businesses that are in the same target market as you, take a peek at what they’re both doing wrong and right.

Are they getting a lot of engagement from Duets? What topics have they covered with success? Can you spot any mistakes they’ve made in videos that you could do better on your own page?

Creating content that stands out first requires understanding the typical content that gets churned out by the average person and then innovating so that your content beats theirs. 

Written by Zac on behalf of Aura Ads, a video production service in Cardiff.


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