Are You a Creator or Consumer?

Last updated on May 22nd, 2021 at 06:38 am

While you were busy scrolling drama, they were creating more and more for you.

You are getting motivated every time through some social media posts.
What did you do then?
You waited for the next post eagerly.
This cycle continues and you never begin actual work.

Many platforms have grown from nothing to a billion+ user base. Some of the best examples are TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

What strategies have they adopted? What made the creators develop content for them?

The simple answer is that start distributing incentives to the creators in exchange for getting attention, time, and engagement from the consumers of the service like videos, games, etc.

So, what are you thinking about yourself? Feeling uncomfortable about something? I have some good tips for you!

Who is a Creator?

 According to Wikipedia, there exist a 1 % rule!

This rule says that the number of people who create content on the Internet represents approximately 99% of the people who view that content.

All others are termed as LURKS or lurkers who never contribute or post in a community.

If you are good creator, chances are high that you will attention sooner or later.
This means every 99 guys are waiting for that one guy

In digital terms, an individual who can generate new content, be it a writer, an innovator, author, composer, artist, designer, inventor, or producer can be put into this category.

These are the real gems of social media that make it filled with content every time. 

 Every good thing has the exception of copycats. For them, the latest AI and modern plagiarism rules are being devised. We will talk about Online Plagiarism in another blog.

Who is a Consumer?

Who is a Consumer?
Know about how to be online creator in 2020?
You have to be specific about your Consumerism!

The remaining persons who are using the content in any form as an end-user, buying something, or utilizing the content from these channels are consumers. Some of them spend 4-5 hours scrolling on their smartphones.

How to make a Switch from a Consumer to a creator?

Everything starts with a small seed of change. So you also have to find your own potential instead of watching other content.

You will potentially ask what we should do?
 To make it easy, I have broken this problem into some easy to go tips:

Find what you watch daily:

This will inform you about your interest. You will have some peoples in your list from which you can get ideas to start with what they are doing.

Start utilizing your SAVED content:

This will help in finding a pattern on how you can post your content. What to create first and what to post first.

Stop scrolling! Start creating:

When you follow the above two steps, you will have enough ideas to start your work. You can not win that battle but you can start practising.

Documentation of the Ideas: 

Every story has a script behind it SO start making a story of what you think. Start from scratch and slowly refine the content in the same document. You will see improvement in each version you create.

Decide your Genre:

With proper analysis of your documentation, find in which type of content you can perform better. Choose your genre from written content, video format, or graphic design.

Decide the platform for your content:

Not every platform is suitable for you. So you have to dig your path. For example, YouTube can be used for videos, Instagram for graphics and photography, and Facebook, Twitter for social media promotion purposes, etc.

top 10 tips to become a creator
A simple path can lead you to a self-paced life

Know your audience:

Kids love Chota Bheem and Adults love Mirazapur. So you also have to find your potential audience, where you should focus on based on the type of content you are creating.

Start posting:

Once done with this brainstorming, you must start posting your content and find the kind of engagement it is getting from the audience.

Be adaptable with your content:

If you get less attention on one thing and more on others, make the later type of content more. Create the content that your target audience is interested in.

Face the outcome and fear nothing:

If you even fail, don’t forget from where you started. SO just face the outcome and post continuously. You never know which post will make you popular. It can be the first post or the 10th or 100th. Never lose hope on that.

Congratulations, You have stepped outside the circle of the CONSUMERs.

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