The Best SEO Twitter Threads from 2021

Last updated on April 3rd, 2022 at 04:38 am

I came through a Twitter Post by Geoff Jackson. I found it interesting to share it with my audience too. So here are the best threads that talks about some of the most popular SEO stuff in 2021

Keep your eyes on it:

Table of Contents

1. My top 10 free SEO tool recommendations to help you crush your competition

2. The web developer SEO learning path

3. Difference between keyword-based SEO and entity-based SEO

4. How to drive traffic from “Second Order Questions”?

5. Generate huge number of leads using this SEO strategy

6. 6 SEO strategies that big companies use. Worth 500+million traffic

7. Various useful resources to learn SEO basics.

8. SEO strategies that gave two startups 70k and 30k monthly organic visitors.

9. Ways to Review and handle unused and render-blocking JavaScript

10. How to drive sales with an effective SEO and content marketing strategy?

11. How can I know in advance which keywords are going to convert me the best?

12. How to create content that drives great SEO value and powers your entire marketing strategy.

13. 10 myths about SEO, content, growth and email

14. 7 Free Chrome extensions for SEO keyword research and on-page SEO

15. 5 tips to improve link building and outreach for SEO

16. Important HTML Tags You Need To Know For SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

17. Important things to consider for your SEO strategy.

18. 29 SEO lessons to help your business perform better in search.

19. How to prevent getting your page titles rewritten following Google’s change

20. How to grow a website from 0 to 4100+ visits/day

21. 30 Steps SEO Strategy for startups to get immense traffic

22. 3 valuable lessons about internal linking

23. 10 warning signs that you aren’t getting good value from your current content provider

24. Tools to build an SEO optimized website to drive more traffic.

25. Awesome link building ideas for SEOs

26. How to correctly delete content or handle outdated content?

27. Mini Course on SEO

28. SEO Case Study for a SaaS marketer

29. Work done by Women in SEO

30. Another collection of work done by Women in SEO industry

31. Keywords and beyond – Understand how keywords work

32. How to use Google Trends effectively for events SEO?

33. SEO Case Study of a startup growth – Buildd

34. Best digital marketing strategies that work in 2021/2022

35. Google Discover Growth Hacks

36. How to estimate the organic visibility of each competitor within a niche?

37. Big thanks to Geoff Jackson for compiling

Hope it helps you all to have those tweets in one single place


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