Let’s do #90DaysOfDevOps

The #90DaysOfDevOps trend is going places. Over 200+ participants are taking part in this actively. The participants are making projects, and publishing blogs over Hashnode and posts over LinkedIn. But the question comes,

HOW CAN I ORGANIZE MY #90DaysOfDevOps Learnings Efficiently🙄?

~every participant

Here is a simple solution that you can follow to organize your learning using Git and Github:

Step1: Install Git

Follow this to install Git: https://github.com/paragpallavsingh/90DaysOfDevOps/blob/master/submission/day08/tasks.md

For Windows: You need to download git and install on your system.

For Linux, as per your terminal, modify the below command and it will be installed

sudo apt install git-all

Step2: Make a GitHub Account

You can sign up at https://github.com/. Fill in basic details, update the basic profile, and get your Github started.


Step 3: Fork #90daysOfDevOps Repository

Once your Github is setup, go to the below link and make a Fork


This will make a copy of the 90DaysofDevOps repository for you. Now the next step is to connect it with your local repository.

Step 4: Connect your fork to your local repository.

  • Go to your repository and press the Code button as highlighted.
  • Copy the git clone link

On your computer, open git bash and go to your workspace folder where you will be storing your local repository.

Clone your repository there.

cd /f/Workspace/github
git clone https://github.com/paragpallavsingh/90DaysOfDevOps.git

You can follow the below link for more details:


Step 5: How to update daily tasks?

My repository looks like this at present:

What you can do, is make a submission folder and add a folder daily that contains your tasks.md file.

You can use any IDE like Notepad++ or VSCode for updating your tasks.md file.

# Make sure you run git pull before making submission,/
# to keep your local repository in sync with the remote
git pull

Once you have updated your tasks.md, you need to push it to remote.

git status
git add .
git commit -m "update tasks.md"
git push origin master

That’s done!

If you have any queries, drop your comments, or ask directly on Linkedin

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