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Parag Pallav Talks is a place to learn Digital Marketing from the beginning. This blog aims to share actionable tips for Digital Marketing and online growth. Here, you will learn more about Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, relevant tools, and their latest updates.

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Actional Search Engine Optimization Tips. What is SEO? What are the different SEO Challenges? What is Local SEO and much more.

Content Writing

Learn how to stay ahead with better copywriting skills in the era of writing automation. Excel at content marketing and achieve success.

Social Media

Learn about different social media strategies. Gather knowledge on latest Social Media trends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


Modern-day marketing involves a lot of tech like AI, Augmented Reality, Meta, Web 3.0, and much more. Have a look at them

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AI has been playing an increasingly important role in content writing, especially as businesses look for ways to scale their content output. While AI can’t (yet) replace human writers altogether, it can help with many of the tedious and time-consuming aspects of writing, such as research and data collection.  Content writing and the use of

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