How to start your own blog very easily?

Last updated on June 15th, 2021 at 04:19 pm

Blogging is a very easy task to begin. But sticking to it and making it a continuous habit is a very hectic job to do! Seriously!

People like me have very irregular behavior towards blogging. I had thought about writing blogs a lot. I made several attempts to start a blog but I failed every time.

“Failure is the key to success and reality check of your efforts.”

Let’s begin the journey of, “How to start your blog?” and check where are you standing in the line of blogging.

blog beginners 101; easy blogging
Easy Blogging Tips

The first to begin your work is to do homework. If you are good at something, collect all your stuff at a place and find which is the best content you can share with others.

While doing collection, categorize your content into separate categories. This will provide a nice structure to your content.

This is because posting is not the only key for the blogs but people must read your blogs. they should get engaged in your blogs. This is only possible when you will present something new to them and in a new format.

When you search on Google, you will find a lot of blogging ideas. There are lots of search results on Google that tells you about popular platforms. Some of them are:
1. WordPress.Org — Best for self-hosted blogs
2. WordPress.Com — Best for free blogging
3. — Best for small websites
4. Best in terms of technical blogs
5. Best for hobby bloggers and personal blogging

“The first impression is the last impression!”

So, the next important task is to make your blog catchy, more presentable, and attractive. This doesn’t mean that you should implement aggressive designs and non-professional fonts.

Just pick some sleek and standard designs from the default provided ones. Some blogging websites allow external plugins on paid service.

Once the blog is set up, make all required form fillings. For example, blogs ask for many basic things like the name of the blog, tagline, header image, blog logo, etc.

This setup gives a unique outlook to your blog and makes people remember your blog in the same way as a white M in a black box reminds you of

Several main pages of the blogs include the homepage, about page, posts, and archives. So your next task is to complete all three pages. You can do this either by editing the theme or by adding new pages from the add page section. 

Make these pages in such a way that whenever most audiences visit your homepage he/she can’t resist himself visiting the other pages.

In this way, you can begin your blogging page very easily and share your thoughts with everybody online. I also created a blog last month and it is getting better every day.

I will share about making schedules for posting your blog in the next post. If you find anything interesting, just comment down the post, and if you have any queries regarding blogging just ask freely.