Google Virtual Visiting Card Making Everybody Famous

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 07:04 am

Google has released "People cards" for everybody.
"Making everybody famous"
Google Virtual Business Card
Official Google India Blog

Google is known for its experiments over its products. This time it’s Virtual Business Card.

In a limited launch, Google has released the new feature, called People Cards, primarily in India.

In the latest post on Google India Blog, Google said that it is easy to find about famous personalities. But what about those who are not famous?

Solving this challenge, Google comes up with People Cards:

Today, we are solving these challenges with a new feature called people cards. The virtual business card is like a virtual visiting card, where you can highlight your existing website or social profiles you want people to visit, plus other information about yourself that you want others to know.

What the heck is a People Card?

As mentioned above, Google’s visiting card will help you mark your digital presence on the platform and make it easy for everybody to appear on Google through their names.

Just type the name of someone and you will get to know about their details.

It’s like, “MAKING EVERYBODY FAMOUS”. Whenever you will search for someone and they will have a people card, you will get a module having their name, location, profession, etc. More details are accessible by tapping that card.

People Cards will be a great help for Business Professionals, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, or anyone who wants himself to be discovered.

How to Create a People Card on Google?

This feature is supported in mobile devices only, either it’s your Android smartphone or Tablet-device.

1. You have to search “Add me to Search” on Google.
2. The search will show the first result as “Add yourself to search”.
3. You have to click “Get started”.
4. After this just log in with your account.
5. Fill the necessary details correctly.

And that’s all to set your Virtual Business Card

The image from your Google account
A description of yourself
A website link
Links to social profiles
Phone number
Email address

Add me to search required details
Details of People Card

The necessary details include your Phone Number, Location, About, and Occupation.

The additional information includes Work, Education, Hometown, Website, and other Social Profiles.

This is an interesting release by Google which also aims to take care of the reliability of the information with strict protections:

“Our goal with Search is to always make sure people can find helpful and reliable information, so we have a variety of protections and controls in place to maintain the quality of information on people cards.”

If you think the card prompt is fake or impersonating, you can give your feedback on that card. Google will take action based on that feedback and can remove such cards.

What if you are not located in India and want your people card?

People located outside India have arranged their people card using VPN services. Some screenshots  include

This was all about the release. Let’s discuss more prospects of the people cards and THE FUTURE OF PEOPLE CARDS.

First of all, Google people card is rolled out in India. The “Add me to search” experiment indicates the inclination of Google towards the Indian market and launching its services to the Indian Customers first.

The next thing is the trial of disrupting the Business card. Till now this is the one headache to carry the business card along with you. Also, it’s difficult to change the card once printed.

Google has been experimenting with people cards for six months. Google also understands the importance of the appearance of anybody in search results especially the entrepreneurs and business professionals.

People will readily adopt the business card if it passes the test of reliability and proves its value in the near future.

If that happens, we can hope Google will release updates all over the globe.

Try saving your “Add me to search” and share your experience in the comment section below.

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