A Simple Inspiring LinkedIn Story

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 06:54 am

LinkedIn has more than 756 million people connected spread around 200 countries worldwide. But even after that many individuals hesitate to use LinkedIn.

Some people think of this as a place of only highly skilled professionals while some get confused about how to use LinkedIn and never start their LinkedIn journey. Even LinkedIn motivation articles fail to motivate them.

In my experience of the last two years, LinkedIn has been an essential part of my SEO knowledge and network building. I have also written a blog over improving the LinkedIn summary to enhance your LinkedIn presence.

But today I will share with you a story of one close friend, “JISKO ME BHUT TIME SE LINKEDIN PAR AANE KO BOL RAHA THA”. And finally, the friend agreed after so much of ifs and buts.

Let’s relate further in my friends narrative——-

The Story

When you told me that you have crossed 500 connections on LinkedIn, I signed up for it instantly. But the platform was so confusing.

Kuch bhi samajh nahi aa rha tha. And after that for the last one year, LinkedIn notifications kept filling my inbox and I simply ignored them.

And when my job started, I found that most of my managers and colleagues were using it. I still was in a situation where I was hesitant to ask someone where to begin.

I felt that there was a huge FOMO. So I told myself,

But then, one day, even on my so-called Linkedin profile, a junior messaged me and asked me about something. I didn’t even know that kid but I helped him with whatever I could.

I realized nothing gigantic but got one big reason to stay on LinkedIn to date: talking to people and finding solutions.

Then I started connecting with people, checking out their profiles.

Now I am happy to say I also have 250+ connections.

The Learning

The story is common but it holds valuable points. Everything is of use if you give it a try with a positive mindset. You can come up with new ways only when you fail at one or you watch someone doing a job badly.

LinkedIn is a great tool, a social media platform, a learning place, and a playground of words depending upon your LinkedIn exposure.

Parag Pallav Singh

Share your LinkedIn stories with me. I have thought to start sharing stories that have created a positive change. Please do share your reviews and help me with my storytelling skills.

Check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me. I am interested to know more about you.

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