How important is Python for SEO Automation?

Last updated on April 29th, 2022 at 04:10 am

Programming is supposed to be optional for SEO professionals who are mainly focused on content writing and link-building stuff. But if they are ready to catch some time to learn this beautiful language, PYTHON, it may help them in many ways in this year 2022. Python has many libraries and frameworks that it has become a non-separable part of SEO.

google autosuggestions for python seo keyword
Google autosuggestions for “Python SEO” – January 2022

Here are some good reasons why I love Python. I think you would also take interest in any of these.

Automation is easy with Python

Whether it is web scraping, Twitter scraping, or any other Data Wrangling, Python provides a huge range of possibilities to automate such tasks for you.

This means that you get more time to focus on strategy making, analysis, and collecting insights from the data rather than Data Scraping yourself.

Also, there’s a lot of development going around automation using Python. This means you have a large number of free resources for Python automation available on the Internet.

One great example that you can explore on GitHub is Python SEO Analyzer. Created by Seth Black and multiple other contributors, this SEO tool analyzes the technical SEO issues for you.

A large number of possibilities

SEO Analysis is highly interrelated with the data we collect for analysis. With the help of Python, you can easily analyze, make graphs, draw conclusions, and create strategies with large chunks of data from your websites or projects

The most common Python resources in 2022, used for SEO include:

  • BeautifulSoup – Python library for data extractions out of HTML and XML files
  • Request – Python Library to send HTTP requests using Python
  • Scrapy – An open-source framework for web crawling
  • Pandas – Highly used for Data manipulation and analysis
  • NumPy – Provide mathematical and computational power for large-sized data
  • Matplotlib – Based on Numpy, it is used for creating visualizations using data
  • Seaborn – It is also a visualization library based on Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Advertools – This is comprehensive productivity & analysis tool to scale online marketing

The above-listed tools contain an immense amount of power which depends on your exploration power.

Work with any kind of data and data source

With Python, you can connect to any kind of data source. All the modern SEO tools provide API support for Python. So you can easily work with data extraction and analysis with Python.

Also, you don’t need to worry about changing data from one format to the other. You get most of your SEO analysis data in CSV or pdf format. Python support almost all common files type like pdf, word, doc, txt, CSV, etc.

Another interesting thing is that a lot of advancement has already been done. This means you get a number of solutions if you somehow get stuck on any problem in Python.


top programming languages 2022
Top Searched programming languages in past 12 months

The above figure shows the latest search trends of the programming language on Google.

This clearly depicts how Python has constantly maintained its top position throughout the last year.

Python will and definitely grow more stronger this year with more improvements awaited in 2022. If you are an SEO and try to get your hands dirty with Python, just get on with it.

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