How to do Social Media Automation?

Marketing Automation is the new frontier of managing crucial channels like social media marketing, which are crucial to a company’s success.

However, many companies still don’t know how to use marketing automation to build relationships with prospects. They turn them into paying customers and grow their reach on social media.

It’s no secret that many businesses use social media marketing automation to coordinate their various online profiles.

The bulk of social media users, however, access the platforms from their mobile phones; thus, there is a substantial crossover between the two types of marketing.

Successful social media marketing requires anticipating that most of your audience will access your content from a mobile device.

As a result, it’s important to combine your social media efforts with those made via other mobile channels like SMS, MMS, and email.

Let’s talk about leveraging marketing automation for your social media promotion efforts today.

How to do Social Media Marketing Automation

1. Infrastructure for Process Automation

There are various factors that can be considered on how to decide which platforms are going to help them facilitate their work.

Small, niche companies that primarily use Instagram to promote their products may be reluctant to use automation. But that isn’t the case for a company actively working to establish its brand identity.

2. Timings

While consistency is essential in social media marketing, missing out on one of the most significant advantages. This is due to posting at the incorrect time might negate the positive effects of your efforts.

A well-structured and planned social media calendar might help you a lot in automation. Although all automation tools have an embedded calendar, you can also do that on your own using excel.

3. Determine what kind of content is the most popular

It is important to identify what the audience wants or what is their requirement because every social media platform has its own different sort of target audience.

For instance, you may learn that LinkedIn links get more clicks than Facebook ones or that Facebook videos get more likes than Twitter ones.

4. Optimization of social media and mobile-friendly content

Aside from being optimized for mobile devices, content must also be structured appropriately for the social media channel in which it will appear. Make sure your material is optimized for mobile devices before publishing it.

Although Facebook and other social media sites may provide desktop versions of their apps, your clients are more likely to access them from their smartphones.

The content’s format and tone are also crucial considerations. Users on mobile devices are more interested in quick updates and videos than in reading lengthy articles.

You should also make sure the material is appropriate for the medium in which it will appear; for example, a video made for the Instagram account must have a very different tone than one made for LinkedIn.

5. Interact emotionally with your target audience

The point of social media is for people to interact; therefore, formal, dull messages have no place there. Try to think of methods to get people involved in your campaign.

You might have a competition where the users vote on who they think should win and the winner gets a reward. This approach provides several opportunities to interact with clients and keeps them interested in the tale.

6. Put up a video to captivate your viewers

People tend to go for videos rather than a photo or pictures or text because of the interface provided by videos. Those that employ video in their marketing experience a 49 percent quicker increase in income than those who don’t.

7. Plan ahead with a content schedule and a curated list of ideas

Keep your followers interested by planning ahead to organize and compose your social media messages, then releasing them on a regular schedule with the aid of social media marketing automation.

You should know that social media marketing is a skill, and if you want to become an expert in social media marketing, you should join a good digital marketing institute.

Automation Components

  • Automating postings is the most prevalent use of social media marketing automation. Scheduled posts may be published automatically by several services, saving you time and effort over manually publishing each one.
  • To speed up the process of answering frequently asked questions for the firm, a Chabot will be used. They also help your business be timely and responsive without you lifting a finger.
  • If you want to save time when assessing the success of your social media initiatives, you should also consider automating the generation of actionable intelligence reports that include all the relevant data and can be shared with your team.
  • If you can establish these differences early on, you can provide the content that people desire on each platform, leading to more engagement.
  • In order to give fresh and novel content consistently, requires a lot of hard work and effort. Consequently, marketers need to recycle, replicate, and repost old material.
  • Content from your own archives or that of affiliated channels that have already been reviewed and found to be of high quality might be used in this way. The social automation platform needs to make it straightforward to recycle old posts and compile essential data.
  • Ads on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram provide companies with a unique opportunity to convey the benefits of their goods and services to consumers in a way that is tailored to their specific tastes, habits, and locations.


You’re losing out on a huge opportunity if you don’t include social media channels in your mobile marketing plan. Likewise, you’re producing more work for yourself than necessary by not using social media automation to oversee your social media profiles.

To effectively reach clients wherever they may be, a well-rounded social media marketing plan will include the use of automated social media and mobile advertising technologies. This will see social media marketing as an important element of the wider mobile marketing plan.

Therefore, if you want to be perfect at social media marketing automation, then you must join a course and learn about it in detail. As this post already shows how important it is, you must definitely consider learning it. The Thought Tree is one of those places that can help you in effectively learn social media marketing.

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