Followers vs Engagement on Social Media Accounts

Last updated on May 22nd, 2021 at 06:39 am

What is your choice? Followers or engagement?
Everything is fair in Social Media and Marketing

Likes, Comments, Shares, Conversion, Retweets and the list goes on. Everyone is following the race of getting more and more followers to get the number bars high.

But the big question is that What should be the target?
The Number of Followers?
The quality engagement of the existing ones?

Table of Content:

  1. What is Engagement?
  2. What is Engagement rate?
  3. The Number of Followers Vs Engagement Rate
  4. How to Increase the Engagement Rate?
    4.1 Focus on Influential followers
    4.2 Communication with followers
    4.3 Quality of the Curated Content
    4.4 Better FAQ Handling

What is Engagement?

Engagement is the specific user behaviour towards the content of any specific social media hubs like an Instagram page, a YouTube Channel or a Twitter handle etc.
The amount of engagement is a good sign for the content creator. 
It can be different for different platforms. For Twitter, it can be retweets, URL clicks, likes, and replies. Similarly, comments, likes, shares, and URL clicks in the case of YouTube and Instagram.

What is Engagement Rate?

The engagement rate determines the capacity of the content creator to generate interaction with their content, as well as their capacity to provoke emotions from their public.

We can take an example of the make joke of videos. They are very simple, animated videos but the engagement rate is very high.


The Number of Followers Vs Engagement Rate

You should control your followers engagement by applying smart tactics of innovation.
New Social Media accounts are being created everyday for different purposes

After sufficient knowledge of engagement, let’s compare its strength with the number of followers.

Two cases have been commonly observed almost everywhere, on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media platform.

  1. Everyone is busy creating their Instagram handle or their own YouTube channel. Their main aim remains the number of followers or the number of subscribers. The bad part is that many accounts never grow and get ZERO engagement due to this state of mind.
  2. Those who succeed somehow in getting the number of followers on their Instagram account or YouTube channel fails to convert it into engagements. The best example is the number of ongoing contests to showcase other accounts. Just think about this concept is emerged. Lack of self-engagement. 

These cases justify that Engagement is the Key to sustain your Instagram page or YouTube channel. The number of followers cannot help to grow more.

If your content has the potential, if your content is engaging, then it can drive more followers. The process is slow but its effects are long-lasting.

How to increase the Engagement Rate?

Content is the king and it directly genrates the interest of the audience.
Give your best at creating content to generate more interest

The question arises, “What should I do? What strategy should I follow? Who to ask? etc. 
Don’t worry! You are just a line above the answer. There are some verified and most trustworthy suggestions, which you can try on your channel or Instagram handle:

Focus on influential followers

Your main focus should be on driving the influential people which can drive others to your content. “The consumer” type of followers can be ignorant and just “like and move on” to your posts.

“Authentic Influencers” can drive more people to your content along with the organic reach of it.
You just have to be aware of “FAKE social media influencers” especially on Instagram where every next person present himself as “the Influencer“.

Communication with followers

It is necessary to have an active audience. So you need to establish good communication with your followers. You should keep an eye on the “dead audience” and try to communicate with them about their liking in your content.

In this way, you can get some good suggestions to work upon. You will also get information about your fake followers, that you can remove if you want.

Quality of the Curated Content

 “In this era of the Internet, Content is the King”. So you can either be a kingmaker or a beggar based on the quality of the content you are creating. You can drive many followers or zero followers based upon the engagement.

 The best example from recent is a small video of my friend, “DAASTAAN.” This was a small rap video that appeared in the Mix Hip Hop Music Trend even after having >500 views. 


Better FAQ Handling

 When somebody asks you something, it is clear that he or she is having an interest in you. SO, this is important that you should give some excessive to the FAQ part of your social media channel either your Instagram messages or the YouTube comments, etc. If anybody gets the right answers on time, the chances are more to become a permanent follower or more spread of word of mouth or organically earned audience.



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