Fake Followers on Social Media – How to and Impact

Last updated on August 9th, 2021 at 03:59 pm

Nowadays everything is measured with numbers. How many peoples are following you? How many views are you getting? Who is the most active social media influencer? Questions like these are very common.

Due to this much hype, many agencies want to encash this situation by giving a fake boost to the social media profiles of some persons.

Check your Social Media accounts and notice:

  1. Do you have any fake followers?
  2. Do you see some unusual comments on your posts?
  3. Do you have unnecessary dm in your inbox?
  4. Is somebody is being impersonated to your knowledge?

If you find any of the questions relevant to your social media usage, then this blog is just an answer for you. Just go through the blog and find:

  1. What is a fake account?
  2. Why are fake accounts created?
  3. How serious is the issue?
  4. How to identify a fake account on various platforms?
  5. What can I do?
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are free. But what about their user security? what about their variation in user policies?
Social Media handles are free. They are awesome. But wait ! Fake Accounts…?

Let’s start with the first question and step further slowly.

1. What is a fake account?

When an account hides his/her identity or mentions the wrong identity and details or when an account tries to impersonate someone, in any of the mentioned cases, the account is fake.

It is also not necessary that the account is some human being. There were many reports about social media bots and other such ill-strategies.

Let’s read about some of them, why are they created and what were mishaps related to them?

A small track of fake account reports:

  1. Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments.
  2. Instagram Deletes 174 Million Accounts In December 2018.
  3. LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in the first half of the year, as scrutiny of social media giants grows

When you go through these blogs, you will be surprised to know how many fake accounts prevail on social media. All the major tech giants like Twitter, Facebook are continuously imposing strict rules to curb these fake accounts from time to time.

2. Why are fake accounts created?

Fake followers make the platform dirty and promote malicious activities. So avoid doing it or followed by any such accounts.

Everything comes at a price and so is the count of the online supporters. Big names need a large number of social media followers. Sometimes, some of them try to get this the other way, the paid followers.

Problems like impersonation come into play when somebody wants to take revenge or wants to pull out useful information about someone by threatening them using fake accounts.

Sometimes fake accounts are created on purpose. There are many hidden companies that are making money through this using the dark web. What they do is just create fake accounts and sell them at a price.

3. How serious is the issue?

The gravity of fake accounts is that it has taken many cyber cells of our country at high alert after a series of criminal activities appeared related to the usage of fake social media accounts.

The most vulnerable victims are teenagers who don’t have much idea about fake accounts or cyberbullying. So the concern of fake ids must be taken on a very serious note.

4. How to identify a fake account on various platforms?

“Internet is a necessary evil”. To use it safely, we have to know about the safety guidelines, We have to learn how to identify the fake accounts. Let’s make it quick with some useful points

On Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: Less number of followers : Have Low-Quality Followers List

1. Fake profile or no profile picture : To conceal or duplicate someone’s identity
2. Unusual usernames : With random digits or alphabets
3. Posting unnecessary stuff or no stuff at all : To mark their presence
4. Random comments on the posts of others : To gain attention
5. Pointing to some ad-heavy website : In their Intro section
6. Uncertain Engagement Ratio: Comparatively negligible engagement
7. Connected to other fake accounts: With a very low standard profile.

LinkedIn is the most professional platform for work but many peoples have adopted habits of spamming here,
Everything we neglect online has an impact

On Professional sites as LinkedIn:

1. Having a fake name and an incomplete profile.
2. Random picture or stick image in the LinkedIn headshot.
3. Very less number of Connections.
4. Either unnecessary posts or no post at all.
5. Engagement with other connections.

5. What Can I do?

Social media is the latest time pass nowadays. So, “BEING CAREFUL BEFORE COMMITTING” is the key. You can take several precautions on your account to prevent your data, your account from any kind of misuse:

  1. If possible, check your follower’s list regularly, either weekly or monthly.
  2. If you find any suspicious account or any doubtful activity on your account, check its credibility by using basic tactics from the above-listed criteria.
  3. If you find any known misconduct on any such account, report that account with proper reason.
  4. Before following any new account, cross-check its authenticity with other colleagues or friends.
  5. Share your pictures on social media with caution.

I hope you found this information useful. Do share the information with others.

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