How I improved my website ranking?

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 07:13 am

If you say I have a great website ranking, well I have not! Then why am I sharing this?

This is just because if I compare my ranking of four months, my site has improved pretty well in terms of site ranking and search appearances for some keywords.

I will share what I had tried from the very beginning and how the ranking gradually improved.

Verify your site with Google Search Console

I started my blog with WordPress but as soon as I verified it with Google search console, the results became better than before and the website rank also started growing.

What Google Search Console does, it crawls your whole website and indexes your content which starts ranking according to the value of the content.

If it has that potential you can get into top searches within hours. If you want to set up Google Search Console, I have a guide for setting up Google Search Console which can help you.

Manual URL Submission in Google Search Console

When you enter into Google Search Console, there is an option to manually submit URLs, where you can submit your latest blog URLs.

How to submit URL to Google Search Console?

1. Copy the URL of your blog which you want to submit.
2. Paste the URL in the top URL Inspection bar of the Google Search Console.
3. Once it loads, click Request Indexing.
and once properly crawled, it will be indexed in a few hours.

Manual Indexing can help you index your content within 1 hour.
Google Search console manual URL indexing.
URL Inspection Bar in Google Search Console

What is the benefit of Manual URL Submission?
When you do so, they are set to the priority queue for indexing, and crawlers are set to crawl your page, on priority.

You can check Submit URLs to Google video by Google Developers.

High-Quality Content

There is no denial of this criteria. If you follow all the best practices and post plagiarized content, there is no guarantee of growth.

The best is to publish original and quality content. When there is tough competition over a keyword, quality and quantity both are considered simultaneously.

For example, if I search for SEO tips, it is very difficult for anybody to rank on the first page outranking blogs of Neil Patel, Ahrefs, and Backlinko, etc as they have highly optimized their content in terms of quantity, quality, backlinks, and social media signals.

But if I talk about some easy keywords, then we have some space to rank over the blog on the first page.
I have written a blog on LinkedIn Dwell Time which ranked 6th for almost a month. This blog still ranks 4th in Google Image search results.

Social Media share of your content

There is no direct connection between social media shares with your website rank. But it has been seen in many studies that the content which ranks on the top has a huge number of social media shares. Social Signals in SEO matters a lot.

The obvious thing is that when you share some quality content on social media, there are high chances that it is re-shared by many peoples, in turn, increasing the number of visits to your content.

Well when I am saying social signals matters, please do share this blog if you find this blog useful.

Use Google Search Bar to find relative keywords

Whenever I write content, I search for the content on Google and find what are the popular and relative keywords people are searching for along with my primary keyword.

How to use Google for Keyword Research?

1. Type your main keyword in the google search bar.
2. Pen down all the suggestions appearing in the search bar for your typed keywords.

Google Search suggesting related searches for “website ranking”

Learning: The appeared search terms are most closely linked to your main keyword and if you put those keywords in your content, those might help you in optimizing your content.

This can help you in generating targeted, keyword-rich, quality content that has high chances of ranking. I also applied the same approach while writing this piece of content.

6. Use Quora as a directory to refine keyword research

If you are unaware of the fact that Quora can help you a lot, then visit today and you will find content research mines.

How to use Quora for Keyword Research?

1. Type your keyword in Quora Search and wait for the search results.
2. You will have a list of topics, questions, and spaces.
3. Check the questions and focus on the most related questions to your keyword.
4. These questions are nothing but the queries which most people search for.

How to use Quora for keyword research?
How to use Quora to find headings and keywords?
Quora snapshot for keyword research

If you optimize your heading and subheading based on these questions, you are enhancing the ranking of your website higher for those keywords also.

7. If you know the facts, put them in your content

What if you have written a small but authentic piece of information that includes some facts and figures for a company or a product and luckily it hits some featured snippet?

Yes, I am right! Google SERP pick specific information related to keywords and display it to the users as ready-made answers. Like if somebody search:


Google will directly show this in a featured snippet. If you are lucky enough, you can grab that place for low ranking questions!

I got this benefit for my blog over Top social media tools, I got ranked in top 100 searches for 5+ keywords only from that blog. The appeared keywords were based on prices, plans, etc, which are nothing but facts that I have mentioned in the whole blog.

top 25 social media tools facts. plans and prices of social media graphic tools.
the blog ranked first, having more factual information

8. Google also give credit to the product reviews

When you search for a bar or restaurant, you see ratings and reviews given by people on Google maps and many other food websites or reviews from food bloggers.

Similarly, if you are writing a blog for any product, give reviews based on your own experience. High quality and genuine reviews help in enhancing the website rank and they may land into a featured snippet i.e. improving your website visibility.

reviews help in getting a featured snippet.
inccrease ranking with high quality genuine reviews.
featured snippet based on a review

Let’s have a quick brief of the “Eight Ways of How to improve the rank of your website?“:

1. Verify your site with Google Search Console
2. Manual URL Submission in Google Search Console
3. High-Quality Content
4. Social Media share of your content
5. Use Google Search Bar to find relative keywords
6. Use Quora as a directory to refine keyword research
7. If you know the facts, put them in your content
8. Google also give credit to the product reviews

All the above-shared points are personal experiences for ranking on Google.
Do a deep analysis of your own blog and find what exactly is working for you and share what are those interesting search results in which your blogs appeared unexpectedly.

I am regularly experimenting with my content, what works for me, and what not. If you want to say something, just contact me or drop a comment below.

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