21 Best Free SEO Ranking Tools in 2022 [100% Free]

Last updated on April 29th, 2022 at 03:55 am

SEO is nothing without tools. You need tools for everything. All activities like keyword research, content writing, content optimization, search performance analysis, SERP monitoring, competitor analysis, webmasters, and site indexing require specific SEO tools to perform them efficiently.

Digital marketing and SEO companies use comprehensive paid tools. Such tools are capable of advanced activities in bulk amounts. But the problem with advanced SEO tools is that they are very expensive for beginners or those who are starting their freelancing careers.

Here is a hack: 75% of the tasks can be done using a free tool available on the internet. All you need is the name of those tools. Here I am sharing the best and most useful SEO tools list that are available for free even in 2022. 

Top Free SEO Ranking Tools 2022

Analytics and Webmaster Tools

1. Google Search Console

Almost every SEO activity will become 100x difficult without access to the Google Search Console. GSC is one of the best SEO tools for a beginner. It is the most widely used free SEO tool. Check out the latest Google Search Console Guide for setting it up.

Main Features:

  1. Most reliable Google Search Performance report including the number of impressions, clicks, and SERP ranking and demographics.
  2. Report of site indexing and coverage of different pages whether they are indexed or not. 
  3. Sitemap Submission
  4. Linking Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  5. The latest Search Console Insights provides a better understating of SEO through a compact pictorial representation of Search data.

Get it: Google Search Console

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

Similar to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools by Microsoft also provides full-fledged website and search analytics. It is also a free SEO tool. You should check out this step-by-step guide for Bing Webmaster Tools.

Main Features:

  1. Search Performace of your website
  2. URL inspection like Indexing, SEO processing, page markup details, etc.
  3. Special features include keyword reports, crawling data, and keyword research.
  4. Controlling URL blocking and copyright removal notice.
  5. Microsoft Clarity is one great addition that provides details of how your users interact with your website. Access click & scroll heatmaps, session replays, and insights.

Get it: Bing Webmasters

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a highly robust, most widely used, and free tool in the SEO industry. Google Analytics is packed with many different analytics functionalities that are helpful in multiple ways.

Main Features:

  1. Powerful integration with other Google Products like Search Console, Google Ads, AdSense, Data Studio, Optimize, and others.
  2. Traffic Reporting tells you about the number of daily visitors with different parameters connected to them like demographics, device type, behavior, etc.
  3. Conversion Tracking helps you track different activities over your websites like form submission, sales clicks, phone calls, pdf/pamphlet download, etc.
  4. The custom dashboard gives you a better understanding of your audience’s behavior with the flexibility of adding custom reports.
  5. You can track the data of all the connected tracking tools in a single place. How relaxing it is when you don’t have to jump here and there to look for small changes.

Get it: Google Analytics

Crawling and Indexing Tools

4. Screaming Frog

When you run a website, it becomes difficult to identify and resolve the technical issues on your own. Screaming Frog solves your problems for FREE!. It is the most popular website crawling tool available in 2022.

Main Features:

  1. It is hard to believe that Screaming Frog provides up to 500 URLs per crawl at no charge which means all premium facilities for free.
  2. It works on a FREEMIUM model to extend your limits and crawl URLs in bulk amounts like that for an SEO agency.
  3. It helps an SEO to find broken links, errors & redirects, Page Titles & Meta Data analysis, eta Robots & Directives review, and hreflang attributes auditing
  4. Screaming Frog efficiently discovers exact Duplicate Pages, generates XML Sitemaps, and creates attractive Site Visualisations in a treemap form.
  5. With this exciting tool, you can also perform link audits, and content audits.

Get it: Screaming Frog

5. Beam Us Up

Although the development of this tool is discontinued it still works. It does not have as many features as the giant Screaming Frog but since it provides 100% free crawling service that’s why it’s in this Free SEO Tools list.

Main Features:

  1. SEO Crawler lets you know where your site is lacking SEO best practices to take corrective measures.
  2. .htAccess generator
  3. Analytics A/B Test Percentage Change Calculator
  4. Chrome Google Analytics Percentage Highlighter

Get it: Beam Us Up

6. XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are important as they feed information about your website content to a search engine. They also support user journeys and add to better website conversion.

Main Features:

  1. XML Sitemaps helps you to create a sitemap of up to 500 pages, that too without any registration.
  2. You can download that sitemap XML file or get it via email.
  3. Easily manage sitemaps of multiple sites at no cost.

Get it: XML Sitemaps

7. Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Files help search engine crawlers identify which URLs to crawl. So this makes it important to have well structured robots.txt file. Robot.txt Generator helps you in generating a correct robots.txt file instantly without any login.

Get it: Robots.txt Generator

Keyword Research Tools

8. Moz Keyword Explorer

Although Moz provides a list of extensive, industry-grade SEO research and analysis tools, there are few of its tools that provide a limited free service. Keyword Explorer is one of them.

Main Features:

  1. You get keyword suggestions from a database of 500 million keywords.
  2. With Moz’s free community account, you get access to 10 queries per month. If used in the right manner, each query literally gives up to 1000 keyword suggestions with Moz keyword difficulty and SERP analysis.
  3. You also get a click-through rate date for all keyword suggestions.

Get it: Moz Keyword Explorer

9. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a widely used keyword research tool for PPC advertising. Since it suggests keywords you can also use it for keyword research based on the keyword performance in ads.

Main Features:

  1. It is a free-to-use feature i.e. you have to bear no additional cost.
  2. You can generate large volumes of keywords based on data from Google Search.
  3. Keyword Planner helps you make ad groups of similar keywords.
  4. You can make an estimate of the total expected budget for targeted ad campaigns.

Get it: Google Keyword Planner

10. Answer The Public

Almost every Free SEO tools list mentions Answer the Public because of its specialty in generating a massive amount of questions from any set of keywords.

Main Features:

  1. It helps you with a lot of content ideas and keyword research
  2. It offers both Free and Pro services depending upon your requirement.
  3. With Answer the Public you can perform content research for Google Search, personal blog, Youtube, and other platforms.
  4. It provides you the option to save the data as a CSV file or in a pictorial Tree structure whichever you want. Quite interesting!

Get it: Answer The Public

11. Ubersuggest

If you are into SEO, you have definitely heard about Neil Patel and Ubersuggest. It also provides some free keyword research features with humongous SEO capabilities in the paid version.

Main Features:

  1. You can do extensive keyword research for both SEO and PPC. A great competitor of Google Keyword Planner!
  2. It also provides you with backlink tracking, content ideas, and rank change for your websites.
  3. Ubersuggest also gives you the facility of the site audit as well which helps you identify the possible areas of improvement.

Get it: Ubersuggest

12. SEMrush

I personally use SEMrush quite frequently. It provides exclusive SEO for free(a limited number of searches per day). If you have not tried it yet, do check it out.

Main Features:

  1. SEMrush provides complete SEO solutions in a single place.
  2. With this tool, you can do keyword research for your business or blog. You can also check out your competitor’s work.
  3. In the free version, it provides 10 searches per day, which are enough for a person that is working on a single project single-handedly.
  4.  Along with Keyword research, you can also do multiple other things like On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Social Media Management, and Link Building.

Get it: SEMrush

WordPress Tools

13. Yoast SEO

This free WordPress plugin saves a lot of your time which otherwise gets wasted in setting up Facebook open graph data, Twitter card, and other schema properties.

Main Features:

  1. It is the most widely used WordPress plugin(in over 30 million sites) for setting structure data.
  2. It helps you edit metadata like page title, description, and slug for individual pages.
  3. With this plugin installed, you get important content optimization suggestions like keywords, keyphrases, synonyms-related keywords, etc.
  4. With the Premium version, one gets extra features like high-performing keywords and access to Yoast academy.

Get it: Yoast SEO

14. Rank Math

One of the popular SEO plugins for WordPress that help you with the built-in suggestions for widely adopted best practices of SEO.

Main Features:

  1. Provides easy Rich Snippet and Schema Markup support
  2. You can set up automatic image optimization.
  3. SEO performance analysis of individual pages.

Get it: Rank math

15. AMP

While Google is adopting mobile-first strategies, you have to get yourself ready for that. This plugin automatically applies optimizations and best practices to your website.

Main Features:

  1. AMP WordPress plugin automatically creates AMP valid markup for different posts and pages.
  2. With this plugin, you get effective amp validation tools that can help with validating various properties.
  3. Applying this plugin might give you chance to appear more in the rich snippets as Google gives preference to AMP schema for rich snippets.
  4. It enhances your page experience on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Get it: AMP for WordPress

16. W3 Total Cache(W3TC)

Your page speed load time is a deciding factor in your site rankings in the Google Search. For that, you need a CDN(content delivery network) and caching facility for fast loading. W3 total cache is a free WordPress plugin that provides both the facilities.

Main Features:

  1. W3TC helps you to improve your search result rankings with enhanced site speed.
  2. It is compatible with all kinds of hostings like shared hosting, virtual private and dedicated servers, etc.
  3. W3 Total Cache is able to cache almost everything including pages, posts, CSS, JS, database objects, frameworks, etc in memory or on disk, or on CDN.
  4. It is also useful in minifying the code including CSS, Javascript, HTML, RSS feed, and 3rd party CSS.

Get it: W3 Total Cache

Chrome Extensions

This is famously called the “all-in-one redirect path analyzer”. It is one of the most useful Free SEO Chrome extensions. The extension informs you about HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and link metrics by LinkResearchTools.

Main Features:

  1. It tells us about all major redirects like “standard” redirects in the HTTP header, Javascript redirects, Alert about blocking of Major Search Engines, etc.
  2. For every redirect hop, Link Redirect Trace analyses the robots.txt file, HTML <head> NoIndex, NoFollow, HTTP header X-Robots Noindex, Nofollow, and NoArchive.
  3. It helps you in checking and finding problems in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, competitors’ links, etc.

Get it: Link Redirect Trace

18. Keyword Surfer

 This is one extension that I use on a daily basis. Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension by once a free tool “Keywords Everywhere”.

Main Features:

  1. It tells you about related keywords, People also searched for, Long Tail Keywords, and the Instagram Hashtag generator.
  2. It also gives you brief Link metrics containing DA, referring domains, number of backlinks, and link propensity.

 Get it: Keyword Surfer

19. SEO Minion

Praising this Free SEO tool is mandatory as it is one the loveliest tool of mine. It is a great help in performing daily SEO tasks that too for free.

Main Features:

  1. You can perform an On-Page SEO analysis of any webpage with SEO minion and find the faults or advantages(on competitors’ sites).
  2. You can check broken links, highlight all links, perform and hreflang check.
  3. One important feature is SERP preview which lets you visualize your site in Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERP) with real-time change detection.
  4. SERP Location Checker helps you imitate location-specific search results which are not possible for free elsewhere. 

Get it: SEO Minion

20. MozBar

It is one significant SEO tool that gives you reliable link metrics. This is one of the free tools from MOZ and is a worthy tool for you.

Main Features:

  1. Mozbar offers link metrics like DA, PA, number of links, etc for search results.
  2. You can perform extensive On-page research like URL, meta title, and meta description. Headings, Alt text, bold and italic, etc.
  3. You can also highlight different types of links as Do follow, no follow, external, or all the links altogether.

Get it: MozBar

21. Grammarly

Ending the list with Grammarly is important as this blog is also written with the help of this ultimate chrome extension.

Main Features:

  1.  One thing is its compatibility with text fields of every website including Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.
  2. You get real-time corrective suggestions for whatever you are writing. No tension of thinking about misspelling something.
  3. Grammarly offers great help to content writers and saves time with automatic spell correction.
  4. All this is completely free. If you want you can buy a premium subscription for added features like advanced writing suggestions, plagiarism checks, etc.
  5. It also tells you about your tone of content, clarity level, and formality level, based on artificial intelligence.

Get it: Grammarly

I have made this list with the tools which I use or at least I have tried them enough times to know their issues before presenting them to you. Still, there are many chances of additions. If you know any of the Free SEO tools, working perfectly in 2022 and not mentioned in the list, please drop their names in the comments. 

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