Top Benefits of Social Media Engagement in 2022

Last updated on March 14th, 2023 at 05:58 pm

Now, Social Media has become a central place for marketing & promotions, entertainment, information gathering, crowdfunding, and campaigning. Social Media is one of the important pillars of digital marketing. But only a finite number of people are extracting the maximum benefit of Social Media.

Do you want to know the reason behind this and how can you take that benefits? In this blog, you will find out different less asked but important questions related to Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement means how the customers interact with the social media accounts of your business. Social Media has enabled businesses to interact with their customers. It’s a step ahead of the times of one-way interaction (e.g print media). You can measure Social media engagement through likes, shares, comments, subscribers, mentions, clicks, retweets, and more.

what is social media engagement? definition

What are the benefits and advantages of Social Media?

Now it’s been 17 years since the launch of Facebook. I am sure everybody who is reading this blog, is using or has been active on Facebook for some time.

After its success, many other social media platforms came into existence. The most successful ones include WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

All these platforms just happened to grow such a large audience because of a few essential factors. These are the major advantages of social media as well:

  1. Penetration of the Internet with mobile devices
  2. Provision of easy ways to create content
  3. Reach a larger audience with your created content
  4. Low-cost/ No cost setup of social media accounts
  5. Real-time interaction with the audience through messaging or comments
  6. Availability of Tracking the user engagement and behavior analysis

If you closely look at the last two points, you will find the points where you can tap and take advantage of social media channels for your business’s online presence and effectiveness

What derives Social media engagement?

Since I have talked about connecting with your social media audience, it is useful to know the reasons behind the science of attracting people to your page.

For small businesses, social media can prove to be a boon for them. Social Media can exponentially uplift the SEO efforts of small businesses.

According to Pew Research Center, these are the percentages of U.S. adults that use social media sites online or on mobile:

  • YouTube: 73%
  • Facebook: 68%
  • Instagram: 35%
  • Pinterest: 29%
  • Snapchat: 27%
  • LinkedIn: 25%
  • Twitter: 24%

So, if you want them to buy your product, or book your service, you have to inform them about yourself in a very influential manner. You also have to find out specific social media channel where a maximum of your audience reside.

There are various ways and means to do so:

  1. Organic Growth
  2. Paid Advertising
  3. Influencer Marketing
ways to get better engagement from social media

Two of the above three require funds to get their benefit through social media channels. But the Organic Growth can be done without much investment.

It just requires a creative mind that can convert the qualities and features of a product or service that anybody can relate to.

When it happens, the people start interacting with your content, it’s up to you how you can make them curious about your business, how you can retain them, and how you nurture your business’s online presence with feedback.

What are the various ways to create engaging content for Social Media?

Earlier, I have talked about creating content around your product/service. Now I will help you with ideas that you can utilize to create engaging content.

The main idea behind engaging the audience is by giving them benefits. The benefits can be in the form of knowledge sharing, life hacks, discounts, exciting offers or giveaways, etc.

Here are a few basic content types on social media that are most common, and very easy to create, so that your visitor can keep engaging on your social media channels.

  1. Stories: Now every social media has this feature of putting stories/status on their profile. A story remains visible for 24 hours and then it disappears. You can utilize social media stories by putting limited period offers discounts etc. You can put a QnA box on Instagram Story and ask for some interesting things that resemble your target.
  2. Polls: Polls are a great way to take feedback and generate curiosity among users. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram have these features. Polls can be helpful in collecting user data and content generation from the observations gathered from the poll outcome.
  3. Infographics: This is the age of data. If you can present any of your product-related data into an interesting infographic, people love to share that. In this way, you not only get a wide reach but also a strong engagement on your social media channel.
  4. Memes: Many start-ups have started hiring Meme Manger. Sounds Funny! Right! But people are looking for humor on social media to pass their time. With memes, you have a great option to showcase your brand with a human side to your product. Just one suggestion, the meme should not dishearten anybody.
  5. Viral News: Sometimes, any event happens and everybody starts talking about it. Twitter gets flooded with hashtags. Keep an eye on such events and check if you can connect with the event in an affirmative/generous manner. If landed rightly, viral content can provide a boost to your existing social media strategy.


Social Media can drive immense traffic to your business. The only need is to understand its importance. Once you set up your social media plan properly, in a matter of 3-6 months the changes become visible.

Content creation for social media is also not a big deal. There are many free tools for social media marketing content creation. Also, they provide great help in creating, drafting, and publishing content on social media.

With that being said, I hope you get a decent idea about how important it is to have a good social media engagement.

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